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off a student government hearing about the formation of a white student union. some ask for clarification questions. others denounced it completely. organizers say it will be an advocacy group, source of pride and a safe haven for white students to a been discriminated against. organizers said the group will be open to anyone, regardless of their race, as long as a support the mission. >> most of the controversy is being generated by people that i think are scared that the white students are finally shaking this trend and actually being proud of who they are encouraging cried in the culture. >> what is white history? michael j.? if you look back over history, nothing positive has come out of white culture and history because you have done nothing good. >> i am not excited anymore. i feel like this is for the wrong reasons. what the proposal white student union has appealed all the requirements to become a student group, with the exception of having it faculty advisers. >> in our commitment 2012 coverage, a new poll gives the odds of expanded gaming and the maryland and a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1